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Metal labels with permanent markings, made from aluminum and other metals, including the ones with anodized surface

Custom metal labels and tags

We’ll manufacture durable metal labels, tags and nameplates with custom engraving for you, made from a variety of materials:

  • Aluminum labels
  • Anodized surface labels
  • Stainless steel labels
  • Sheet metal plates
  • Anticorrosive metals
  • Brass labels

Fill out the quote form or call us, if you have any questions regarding our services.

Metal plate / label engraving

For businesses, this is important because it allows them to track their products and inventory in a more efficient way. Product codes also allow customers to easily identify the product and find out more about it. QR codes in particular are becoming increasingly common, as they are able to be scanned with smartphones to instantly display relevant information. For example, a QR code placed on an electronic device can provide troubleshooting instructions or a link to its product manual. By placing QR codes on their products, manufacturers can quickly and easily provide customers with access to useful information.

This is particularly useful in an industrial environment, as producing labels with these codes can give employees quick access to any instruction or safety information. Inventory management and tracking is one of the most common uses of QR codes for businesses. By scanning a QR code, for instance, engineering companies can track when the part was received, who received it, and how many are in stock. This information can be stored digitally and easily accessible to anyone with the right authorization. So if say, a production facility is out of a particular spare part, the manager can then review inventory records and see when the next batch of parts is expected to arrive.

Thanks to the anodized surface, the laser markings on the labels will withstand any kind of damage, making them well-suited for harsh production environments. These manufacturing labels can withstand contact with the chemical as well as any weather conditions or mechanical stresses.

They are also resistant to high temperature and pressure. These labels may be used in all kinds of industries such as the chemical industry, food industry or engineering.

We will take care of your label design, prepare a preview for you and manufacture it to your satisfaction. We use a top of the range laser for engraving.

We produce labels from sheet metal in thickness ranging from 0.5 to 3 mm, but we generally suggest 0.5 mm for aluminum labels and at least 1 - 1.5 mm for anti-corrosion labels, due to the possibility of deformation caused by high temperature.

We'll provide the needed materials

Regardless of the metal type, we are able to source the material needed for your order, so that you don’t have to go through the hassle yourselves. Of course, you may also provide your own materials, if you so wish.

Tags and labels with holes

Our engraving process allows for producing labels with holes in place. Tags and labels can also be taped with foils or adhesive tapes.

We’ll provide you with a preview before starting production

Before starting the manufacturing process, we prepare a preview for our clients to let them inspect the metal labels’ appearance.

How does it work?

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1. Get a price quote

Fill out the quote form, tell us what you need, and we’ll send you the price quote.

Metal engravings

2. We get to work

Upon your approval of the quote, and providing the necessary prerequisites such as blueprints, we start working on your order.

3. Your order is shipped

Within a few days your order is completed and is on its way to you!

Manufacturing prices for engraved tags and labels start at:

Per piece
  • The final price depends primarily on the size of engraved area and the number of pieces in your order

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have clients all over Europe, including Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and more. If you operate in one of those countries, fill out the contact form and get a price quote for your order!

Not really. In regard to marked / engraved metal labels, tags and nameplates, we take care of everything (we manufacture them ourselves) and ship the complete order to you. However, if you need us to engrave your own products / material, you have to ship those to us first, which can potentially increase costs. Our prices are still very competitive despite that, so go ahead and request a price quote for your order!

1. You reduce your costs, as our prices are lower, even when you take the shipping costs into account.
2. You get fast outputs with no errors for those prices, when you choose to work with us.
3. You receive our full attention and a personal approach. We’re a small company, but we deliver big results.

Fill out the form here. Tell us what you need engraved or produced – quantity, deadlines and other details; also send us the prerequisites, if possible, such as blueprints, photos, graphics etc.

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