Wood engraving

We’ll put any kind of text, logo or design on your wooden products (all types of wood)

Who do we typically serve?

  • Carpenters and manufacturers who work with wood.
  • Companies and advertising agencies that need authentic promotional items.
  • Ordinary people who are looking to treat someone with an original wooden present.

We respond within 24 hours

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Why choose JANTECH SK?

No burn marks

The engraved object will not be burnt as with common engraving methods.

High resolution

The image transferred onto the wooden surface is highly accurate and preserves even the finer details of the original.

Bulk production

If you need a large quantity of items engraved, we can process your order within a few days or even 24 hours.

Who is this service best suited for?

For manufacturers working with wood

You specialize in crafting a variety of exquisite wooden products. However, when it comes to adding text, logos, or graphics to them, you often require the assistance of another company.

For instance, when your clients wish to have their unique logos or designs incorporated into the products they've ordered, we step in to lend you a hand.

This way, you can focus your efforts on the manufacturing process, confident that the engraving part will be taken care of and the order is shipped in time for a prompt delivery.

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For businesses and advertising agencies

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You definitely want to make a good impression on your customers. Your brand has a certain image that you want to integrate into your promotional goods.

But it's not so simple if you intend to also make them attractive so that customers keep them rather than throw them away. After all, most of the time they either forget about them or discard the items after a while.

Using wooden products with engraved logos or other graphics for promotion can definitely be helpful for many businesses. Your customers will be thrilled to receive them, as they’re guaranteed to make an eye-catching and authentic impression.

For those looking for a lovely gift

So, you're planning what gift to get your loved one on an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or other special occasion?

You might worry that the gift you pick won't quite match the recipient's taste, or worse, appear as a last-minute purchase.

Why not consider an engraved wooden gift? It could be a personalized cutting board with a heartfelt message for your mom or an engraved photo frame showcasing a cherished picture of you both for a dear friend. Such a gift is bound to leave a genuine and meaningful impression. It demonstrates that you've invested time and thought to create something truly special for the person you care about.

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