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We primarily work with engineering companies and also provide services for the automotive industry. We care about ensuring that your production process is hassle-free and efficient.

Have you ever had production delays or damaged products costing you hundreds of euros as a result of irresponsible contractors?

This kind of thing not only ruins your day, but it also directly affects the way your business operates and ultimately impacts your bottom line.

We understand this and get you, which is why we’re hell-bent on getting you quick, defect-free results when we work with you.

That is our practical commitment to the success of your business, not just empty words.

JANTECH SK, s. r. o.

How may we be of service?

Laser engraving is a rapidly growing industry thanks to its many advantages over traditional engraving methods. It is more accurate, which allows for a significantly greater level of detail compared to other engraving methods. Moreover, it is faster and cheaper than the other methods. That and other advantages have helped laser engraving become a booming industry today.

The laser is able to produce a more detailed image with greater accuracy and granularity than other methods. It also offers significant cost savings over traditional manufacturing techniques, making it a suitable choice for a wide variety of applications. The use of lasers for material engraving is not a new concept, as it has been in use for many years. However, with the emergence of newer and more powerful lasers, the process has become much more straightforward and safe. Among other things, lasers can be used for precision cutting of metals and other hard materials.

Laser cutting has many benefits over conventional processes such as waterjet or plasma cutting. Since no cutting tool is required in this case, laser cutting achieves very high precision when processing parts. This precision allows complex shapes to be fabricated which would not be possible with other cutting methods. The high rate of production with this type of cutting technique means that even vast quantities of material are processed very rapidly, thus shortening manufacturing turnaround times and thereby greatly increasing operational efficiency.

Laser engraving is similar in a way to traditional printing, but rather than applying ink or toner, a laser beam is focused on the surface of the material. The laser beam's energy vaporizes away the material, thus leaving a permanent mark. Often laser engraving is used for personalization - for example, to engrave names or logos on gifts and merchandise.

Metals such as aluminum and stainless steel reflect laser light, which means greater laser power is required to process them. However, metals can also be engraved using a low power laser setup. Non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic and cardboard are conversely much easier to cut and engrave because they are able to soak up more of the laser’s light.

Laserové gravírovanie do kovu, diely

We are ready to help you with your industrial workflow, whether it's engraving, etching or marking all kinds of products and widgets, such as subcomponents or spare parts.

Branded pens

Delight your customers with personalized, eye-catching gifts with your company logo and custom designs. We cater to advertising agencies as well as individual companies.

Gravírovanie do kovu, zámky lásky

Would you like to treat someone close with a genuine, thought-out personal gift?

Using our top-of-the-line industrial-grade laser, we can transfer any graphics or text onto a metal surface in ultra-high definition. We will skillfully produce your order in just a few days.

Hliníkový štítok

We produce aluminum and anti-corrosion / brass labels that can contain any desired information, QR codes, logos and more. We’ll help you design them, then prepare a preview for you to approve before starting production. We’re capable of supplying hundreds or even thousands of pieces expressly, depending on your needs.

How does it work?

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1. Get a price quote

Fill out the quote form, tell us what you need, and we’ll send you the price quote.

Metal engravings

2. We get to work

After you agree, and provide the necessary prerequisites such as blueprints, we get to work on your order.

3. Your order is shipped

Within a few days your order is completed and is on its way to you!

Laser engraving prices start at:

Per piece
  • The final price depends primarily on the size of engraved area and the number of pieces in your order

Which materials do we work with?

Our lasers allow us to etch intricate designs on wood, leaving no trace of the process except for the image itself. This means we are able to create beautiful designs on wood without fear of damaging the object. This makes it a quick and simple way to create unique works of art or functional objects, such as engraved cutting boards or customized jewelry boxes. We can engrave even very fine or thin pieces of wood with no fear of damaging them. Laser engraving is a high-precision method that gives you the complete control over the resulting output.

We work with all metals including aluminum, steel, anti-corrosive brass and many others. The sophisticated lasers allow us to perform metal engraving in an ultra-precise and rapid way. You can rely on us for part marking, product identification and tool tracking. We also serve individuals, not just businesses, with their engraving needs. Engravings performed by a laser are easy to read and durable enough to last in practically any environment.

Other materials (e.g. plastics, leather, marble...)

We also work with other materials not listed here, such as leather, marble or fabric. We work with plastics as well, but not all of them can be laser processed. So, in case you want us to mark plastics, please email or call us first, so that we check whether it's possible for your project.

Similarly, if you have a specific material you want to use which isn’t mentioned on this site, contact us by e-mail or one of the contact forms on this website and we'll let you know if we can do it.

Why choose to work with us?

Thorough output inspection

We manually inspect every single job, especially when it comes to valuable items.

We even use a microscope for quality control on certain jobs that require it.

Quick outputs

Are you under deadline pressure but still have hundreds of pieces left to be marked?

93% of our orders are completed within 3 days and some are done in just one day.

Bulk discounts

In cases of big or frequent orders, you can expect to enjoy special discounts.

You may save 10% and more on orders exceeding 100 pcs.

"We have been working with Mr. Janek for a long time, he regularly engraves our products. We especially appreciate his proactivity and the personal approach to each of our orders. We are also very satisfied with the accuracy of his work and consistent on-time deliveries of our orders.”


Ing. Martin Gardian

DMR System, s.r.o.

"We have a very positive experience with JANTECH SK, s. r. o. We highly value the quality of laser work done and how swiftly JANTECH SK handles our orders.”

IMC Slovakia

Jozef Ilko

IMC Slovakia, s.r.o.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have clients all over Europe, including Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and more. If you operate in one of those countries, fill out the contact form and get a price quote for your order!

Not really. In regard to marked / engraved metal labels, tags and nameplates, we take care of everything (we manufacture them ourselves) and ship the complete order to you. However, if you need us to engrave your own products / material, you have to ship those to us first, which can potentially increase costs. Our prices are still very competitive despite that, so go ahead and request a price quote for your order!

1. You reduce your costs, as our prices are lower, even when you take the shipping costs into account.
2. You get fast outputs with no errors for those prices, when you choose to work with us.
3. You receive our full attention and a personal approach. We’re a small company, but we deliver big results.

Fill out the form here. Tell us what you need engraved or produced – quantity, deadlines and other details; also send us the prerequisites, if possible, such as blueprints, photos, graphics etc.

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