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Do you need to have your merchandise or gifts engraved?

  • Practically anything you need can be engraved.
  • We can supply custom promotional products for your company.
  • All metals, including gold, steel, anti-corrosion, silver and more.

Delight your customers with a nice personal present! Get in touch with us and we will skillfully process your order.

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Gravírovanie laserom do kovu a reklamné perá

Your company logo on your customer's desk

While fads come and go, some things have been working reliably for decades. In marketing, one of such things are promotional gifts you can give to your customers. Say, it could be pens branded with the company logo, cool lighters or USB drives. Who doesn’t love getting free stuff?

Give your customers a gift that not only makes them smile, but also naturally keeps your company on top of their minds.

If you need pens with your logo, keychains or even flasks to hand out at your events, we'll handily deliver them to you in a flash.

How may we be of service?

Branded pens

Laser engraving services for advertising agencies

Like a lot of our clients, you likely work with multiple business customers and often need to deliver large numbers of personalized items to them. Sometimes you may even need to deliver a huge number in an uncomfortably short time.

That's why we commit to handling your orders within just a few days, and even if you need thousands of pieces done, it’s no trouble. Piece of cake.

What's more, we can also send you a physical sample that you can show to your client before placing a large order with us, so that they can give you feedback right away.

What do you need engraved?

Thanks to our cutting-edge laser tech, we can engrave any graphics and texts on any metallic surface.

Just tell us what you need and within a few days your order will be shipped to you.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and swift partner for engraving, click the big red button and get in touch with us.

We’ll supply your company with custom branded merchandise.

83 % of consumers have purchased from a company that has given them promotional items in the past.

People throw away flyers without hesitation. After all, what would they keep them for? But do you know what they don't throw away?

Useful items, such as branded pens, a flask, or any other goodies with your branding on them.

And if you hit the mark, not only will they keep them, they'll actually going to use them regularly! At that moment your brand becomes an everyday part of your customer's life.

You do not have to source the items yourself, we have them in stock and after engraving them according to your needs we’ll ship you the final product.

Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of everything!

Firemné perá s gravírovaním do kovu

Branded pens

Why choose to work with us?

Bulk discounts

Save more than 10 % off of your order’s price, when you order bulk quantities.

Free sample

For larger orders, we can also send you a physical sample for approval before production begins.

Money-back guarantee

We trust our workmanship, which is why we are giving you full guarantee on its quality.

Our work

"We have been working with Mr. Janek for a long time, he regularly engraves our products. We especially appreciate his proactivity and the personal approach to each of our orders. We are also very satisfied with the accuracy of his work and consistent on-time deliveries of our orders.”


Ing. Martin Gardian

DMR System, s.r.o.

"We have a very positive experience with JANTECH SK, s. r. o. We highly value the quality of laser work done and how swiftly JANTECH SK handles our orders.”


Jozef Ilko

IMC Slovakia, s.r.o.
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